Automatic tape dispenser ZCUT-9

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Automatic tape dispenser ZCUT-9

The most popular type of Japanese automatic tape dispenser with ability to store up to 6 different lengths in the memory. Model ZCUT-9 is a fully programmable tape dispenser equipped with a precise photoelectric cut-off blade controlled by two individual photocells. Tape dispenser ZCUT-9 does not require any tape's core support or shaft and enables to easily process two tapes simultaneously.

Product is manufactured by a Japanese manufacturer Yaesu Keikogyo Co., Ltd with maximum quality in mind as a heavy duty industrial tape dispenser.

Yaesu Keikogyo Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of various smart solutions for tape, label and film dispensing. More products that help our customers can be found here.

ZCUT-9 features

  • any size of tapes fit without bobbins
  • cut length from 5mm to 999mm
  • safety function and design, antistatic body
  • memory function enables to set six different length before use
  • enable to cut protection film, copper foil, aluminum foil, insulation material and many more
  • enable to hold the film or tape by using flexible tape support
  • preset and loop counter functions, all displayed by LED counter
  • enable to use 2 rolls at the same time
  • dual photo sensor for precise dispensing
  • smart design, build-in tweezers, oil and separator

ZCUT-9 specifications

Cut length 5 - 999 mm
Tape width 6 - 60 mm
Usable tape filament, strong, acetate cloth, glass cloth, double-sided, normex, pre-stick, cellophane, craft, masking, plastic and more
Usable film protection, paper, insulation, aluminum, copper etc.
Feeding speed 200 mm/sec (when cutting packing tape)
Max outside diameter 300 mm
Accessories power cord, 2A fuse (built-in inlet), separator, guide plate, tweezers, blade oil
Body material anti-static ABS
Display/counter 3 digit LED display
Power supply AC240V 50/60Hz 25W
Dimensions 116 mm(W) x 140 mm(H) x 213 mm(D)
Weight 2.5kg

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