CERARIBBON photovoltaic flat wire

Copper ribbon plated with CERASOLZER solder alloy for photovoltaic applications

CERARIBBON is a copper-based flat wire (ribbon) used to electrically interconnect solar cells and to collect power in thin film photovoltaic modules. Copper is plated all-over in hot-dip process with our patented solder CERASOLZER. This solder is designed for ultrasonic soldering systems and provides very unique soldering ability.

Ribbon can be easily bonded to glass, transparent conductive oxides, molybdenum, aluminium, silver and other hard to solder materials used as a back/front contact in photovoltaic modules. Because of our ultrasonic soldering process which is completely flux-free, this product is highly suitable for modern eco-friendly productions.

CERARIBBON is primarily designed for CIGS, however can be also used with a-Si, uc-Si, CdTe and c-Si photovoltaic products. Please contact us to consult your individual requirements.

Technical specifications

Our ribbon is made of high purity soft oxygen-free copper which is rolled from round wire. Soft copper causes less tension to the cell and lower the stress during soldering process. Flattened wire is fully coated in hot-dip process with CERASOLZER solder, resp. lead-free alloy #E217.

Thickness (mm) 0.080 ± 0.010 mm / 0.160 ± 0.015 mm
Width (mm) 2.0 ± 0.15 mm  (max. 6.0 mm)
Coatings (hot dipped)
Lead free (RoHS complied) CERASOLZER ECO #E217 (liquidus 217 °C)
Coating thickness 30 - 50 µm each side
Base material
Oxygen-free copper C1020R (CDA 102) - Cu 99.96%
Resistivity ≤ 1.7 x 10^-8 Ωm
Mechanical Properties
Available Yield Strengths
Rp 0.2 (N/mm^2)
> 195 (t0.080 mm)
> 195 (t0.080 mm)
Elongation at fracture > 20% (t0.080 mm)
> 25% (t0.160 mm)
Camber (mm/m) < 10 measured from the center of the spool
Bobbin design
Type D d h L W a Winding (max 4.0 kg)
P-5R 160 mm 90 mm 20 mm 114 mm 90 mm 12 mm t0.080mm » 385m/kg
t0.160mm » 267m/kg
Material PS/ABS
Weight 0.390 kg

We are able to provide customized ribbons according to your requirements, critical parameters can be adapted to best suit your production process. Best soldering performance for CERARIBBON is achieved with our original automatic ultrasonic soldering machines.



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