CERASOLZER active solder alloy

Soldering on glass, soldering on ceramics, soldering on aluminium, ultrasonic solder
CERASOLZER active solder alloy

Kuroda Group holds original patent for a unique filler metal CERASOLZER. It is a specially formulated solder alloy, designed to work with ultrasonic soldering systems. Together with heat and ultrasonic energy, it enables to solder on glass, ceramics, aluminium, stainless steel, TCO, copper, gold, titanium, sapphire, molybdenum and other materials previously considered as hard to solder.

Our solder is bonded to the substrate without using chemical agents, soldering process is flux-free. Besides direct metal-to-metal bonding, CERASOLZER solder creates strong chemical bond with soldered substrate. The resulting joints have a high degree of electrical conductivity, adhesive strength, air/water tightness, weather and humidity resistance.

Possible fields of applications

  • Electrode bonding to front/back contacts of solar cells (crystalline, thin-film)
  • Leads (outlets) bonding on metallized glass, LCD glass, crystal oscillators, hybrid IC
  • Soldering of contacts on heated rear window in car
  • Coating/metallizing of optical glasses
  • Optical glass fibre sealing (ferrule bonding)
  • Glass tubes vacuum sealing, metal fittings bonding
  • Hermetic airtight sealing for electronics parts and packages
  • Glass jewelry manufacturing
  • Electrode forming on glass and ceramic plates
  • Soldering on superconductors, ferrite components, ceramic parts
  • ... and many more!

CERASOLZER technical specifications

Production range includes standard lead-based solder CERASOLZER (blue label) and eco-friendly lead-free version CERASOLZER-ECO (green label) which is RoHS compliant. These alloys create strong chemical bonds with soldered substrate, more details can be found here. We can supply these products in customized forms including wire, rods and ingots with different melting points.

Ø Wire Standard units Melting temperature
#186 1.0 / 1.6 mm 150g / 1.0 kg 186 °C
#224 1.0 / 1.6 mm 150g / 1.0 kg 224 °C
#246 1.0 / 1.6 mm 150g / 1.0 kg 246 °C
#297 1.0 / 1.6 mm 150g / 1.0 kg 297 °C
#E155 1.0 mm 150 g 155 °C
#E182 1.0 mm 150 g / 1.0 kg 182 °C
#E217 1.0 mm 150 g / 1.0 kg 217 °C
#E200AL (for Aluminium) 1.6 mm 1.0 kg 200 °C

CERASOLZER can be coated on a flat copper wire to form a photovoltaic ribbon. Kuroda Techno supplies this photovoltaic material under brand CERARIBBON. This newly developed ribbon is used to electrically interconnect solar cells and to collect electric current in thin film photovoltaic modules.

CERASOLZER list of solderable materials

Application range is very wide, you can solder variety of materials that are difficult or impossible to solder with conventional methods. For example glass, including silica glass, crystal and soda-lime glass; ceramics, including silicon carbide and zirconium dioxide; various metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium; and metal oxides, including aluminum and magnesium oxide.

Glass, Ceramics, Precious Stones
Alumina, Beryllia, Bicole, Borosilicate glass, Ceramics, Ceran, Dielectric materials, Enamel, Fiber Optic Glass, Forsterite, Lead glass, Liquid crystal glass, Magnesia, Magnetic materials, Metallised glass, Mica, Mullite, Optical glass, Pyrex, Quartz glass, Resistant materials, Sapphire, Silica, Silica glass, Soda Lime glass, Thermal conductive materials, Titania, Ultrahard materials, Vycor, Zirconia...

Metals, Metal Oxides
Aluminium (Al), Aluminium alloys, Beryllium (Be), Conductive glass, Conductive paste, Copper (Cu), Copper alloys, Enamelled metals, Germanium (Ge), Gold (Au), Chromium (Cr), Inconel, Kovar, Lead (Pb), Magnesium (Mg), Metal oxides, Molybdenum (Mo), Nickel (Ni), Nickel alloys, Nichrome, Niobium (Nb), Ruthenium (Ru), Semi-conductive materials, Silicon (Si), Silver (Ag), Sintered Metals, Stainless Steel, Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Titanium (Ti), Titanium alloys, Transparent conductive oxides ZnO, ITO, FTO, TO, ATO, GZO, GIT; Tungsten (W), Wolfram, Zinc (Zn), Zirconium...



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