Fragrance free esd-safe cleanroom lotion

Hand moisturizer lotion, prevent latex skin irritation, skin flaking, skin chapping
Fragrance free esd-safe cleanroom lotion

I.C. Pre-gloving fragrance free hand lotion is enriched with aloe vera & vitamins AD & E. This lotion relieves chapping, skin flaking, irritation and skin sensitivity caused by regular use of latex gloves and nitrile gloves. Non-petroleum lotion, prevents urticaria which is a simple skin irritation caused by perspiration and lack of ventilation inside the glove.

Special greaseless formula absorbs immediately into the skin without interfering with grip or dexterity. Meets cleanroom requirements down to class 1. Formulated for use in the electronic, cleanroom, pharmaceutical, medical and food environments.

This natural lotion is paraben free and contains no irritants such as silicones, lanolins, mineral oils and glycerins. The lotion has been extensively tested with latex gloves and will not breakdown the integrity of the glove causing tearing or ripping.

I.C. Cleanroom pregloving fragrance free hand lotion
Product code Description Volume Pcs/carton
ICL-1-CR-TUBE 1oz tube 29 ml 50
ICL-2-CR 2oz bottle 59 ml 24
ICL-8-CR 8oz bottle 236 ml 24
ICL-8-CR-ESD 8oz in esd-safe bottle 236 ml 24
ICL-16-CR 16oz in bottle 473 ml 12
ICL-16-CR-ESD 16oz in esd-safe bottle 473 ml 10
ICL-32-CR 32oz bottle 946 ml 12
ICL-GAL-CR 1 galon bottle 3 780 ml 4
ICL-64-CR 64oz refill (for HFC-64 dispenser) 1 892 ml 12
HFC-64 64oz hands free auto dispenser - 1
WALL-BR-32 wall bracket for 32oz bottle - 1

R&R lotion Inc.

R&R lotion Inc. is an American based company, for the past 25 years has been manufacturing hand lotions, hand cleaners, anti-static spray, hard surface cleaners, antibacterial products, and static safe bottles. R&R lotion continuously contributes towards the safer work environment, keeping highly satisfied clients across the world.

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