Cleanroom latex gloves

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Cleanroom latex gloves

Powder-free latex gloves compatible with cleanroom environment class 1000 down to class 10. Manufactured under strict quality control in world’s top glove manufacturing country, Malaysia. Ideal for semiconductor fabs, hard disk drive manufacturing, optical film handling or other controlled cleanroom environments where quality matters.

Made of 100% pure natural rubber latex without plasticizers. Contain no phthalate esters, silicone oil and amide. Laundered with 0.2 micron filtered high resistivity D.I. water and packed in certified cleanroom enviroment, ambidextrous, available in different sizes and textures.

Kuroda Electric cooperates directly with a manufacturer in Malaysia on a regural basis. We keep stock of latex gloves locally in Czech republic and for larger latex gloves purchases, we need approx. 1.5 month to setup local VMI operations. We guarantee the quality of the product since we received approval across many cleanroom facilities related to FPD manufacturing industry in CEE region. Standard lead time to Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany is 2 - 4 days.

The protein in latex gloves causes irritations and allergic reactions in a significant number of people. We recommend special cleanroom pre-gloving lotion with proved effects of reducing allergic issues such as dry skin, itchy skin, skin rash etc. for very frequent gloves users.

Latex gloves specifications

Made with premium quality latex material, can be finished with a smooth or textured surface for a secure grip. Thin latex material provides very fine control and greater sensitivity to touch, ideal for handlings wafers, semiconductor chips, micro components or optical films.

  • made from 100% natural rubber latex
  • available in 9" (230mm) and 12" (290mm) length
  • available in all sizes from XS to XXXL
  • non sterile, ambidextrous, natural yellow color
  • powder-free, for cleanroom purposes (class 10, 100, 1000)
  • beaded cuff for added strength and easier donning
  • available in smooth, finger textured and full textured
  • quality control equipment to check ASTM and IEST inhouse
  • available LPC (Liquid Particle Count) and APC (Airborne Particle Count) tests
  • ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified production
  • FDA and CGSB certified products
  • packing: 100 pcs double bagged, 10 bags per carton (1000 pcs/ctn)
Powder-free 12" Latex gloves C100*
Cleanroom Product code Size Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickn. (mm) Packing/ctn
Class 100 RSL-200 XS 75±5 min 290 > 0.08 10 x 100pcs
Class 100 RSL-201 S 85±5 min 290 > 0.08 10 x 100pcs
Class 100 RSL-202 M 95±5 min 290 > 0.08 10 x 100pcs
Class 100 RSL-203 L 105±5 min 290 > 0.08 10 x 100pcs
Class 100 RSL-204 XL 115±5 min 290 > 0.08 10 x 100pcs

* Our most popular type of latex gloves, mainly in stock. Please contact us for your individual requirements.


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