Cleanroom supplies

Cleanroom consumables, cleanroom equipment, cleanroom accessories
Cleanroom supplies

Cleanroom is extensively used in semiconductor, flat panel display, hard disk drive, pharmaceutical or aerospace industry where unguarded proliferation of contamination can quickly lead to product damage and yield reduction. Cleanroom includes special components such as special ventilation with HEPA filters, air showers and sticky mats that remove particles from the garments of incoming workers and other technology to keep foreign particles from entering the work environment.

Kuroda Electric provides cleanroom supplies mainly as a complementary service to its existing customers for direct materials, however we always seek for new opportunities and new clients. We offer verified cleanroom supplies including latex gloves, nitrile gloves, sticky mats, cleanroom wipers, fragrance free lotion, cleanroom packaging and other products to keep your production line protected againts risky contamination, always with competitive pricing.