Facts & figures

facts-figuresKuroda Electric Czech, s.r.o. ("KECZ") was founded in Prague, the Czech Republic, in July 2006 as a subsidiary, wholly owned by Japanese corporation Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd.

As a part of its expansion strategy, KECZ established a branch in Poland in April 2007 to improve supply chain management for one of our major European clients, Sharp Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o.

An increasing demand for optical materials led to additional investment of Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd. in the Czech Republic. A new facility was established in December 2007 to convert locally reflection film for IPS Alpha Technology Europe. However, due to the overwhelming global financial crisis, KECZ joined forces with KIMOTO company and in March 2010 relocated a complete set of converting machinery to Poland in order to increase support of customers in the Crystal Park industrial zone.

In November 2009, KECZ established a controlled conditioned warehouse in the Czech Republic, in order to stock bare printed circuit boards before distributing them to its customers in Europe, mainly for the automotive industry.

Furthermore in 2010, the capital increased to CZK 61,045,000 helped KECZ to follow the expansion of the Kuroda Group's European operations and we managed to become one of the major suppliers of optical films to Sharp Manufacturing Poland and of injection molding parts to Toshiba Television Central Europe. As a result of growing operations, KECZ has launched its VMI services in two key locations in Poland - the Crystal Park in Lysomice and Katy Wroclawskie near the industrial cluster of Kobierzyce.

Today our team consists of 3 people in Poland and 7 people in the Czech Republic, with a consolidated annual turnover of CZK 280 million (as of FY2010).

Annual turnover and industry share

(*expected CZK 550 million for FY2011)