Business overview

EU mapKuroda Electric Czech, s.r.o. ("KECZ") was established in Prague, the Czech Republic, as a base for expanding European operations of mother company Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd., the Japanese corporation with more than fifty years long history.

Presence in Europe is aimed at providing support for ongoing internationalization of Japanese enterprises, managing supply chain of materials from Asia as well searching for new local suppliers, local business development and introduction of Asian products and new technologies to the European market.

European business activities

As a member of the Kuroda Group, KECZ is mainly involved as a supplier of direct materials for consumer electronics industry, focusing on LCD & PDP television manufacturers, LCD module makers and backlight unit producers and developing business relations with various suppliers related to flat panel display manufacturing.

KECZ sales office handles import from the Asian supplier network, providing administrative and technical support, utilizing knowledge and contacts of the Kuroda Group in Asia to speed up information links between headquarters and production sites in Europe. Our logistic chain monthly carries nearly 100 tons of material by air and approx. 100 containers of 40' size by sea, using reliable forwarders only to ensure our products are safe and secure.

Local business development also plays an important part in KECZ's strategy. Searching in Europe for short lead time alternatives to imported products with the support of Kuroda's personal presence and technical assistance at the headquarters where the approval process takes place, we support European vendors in their way to become suppliers of "hard-to-approach" conservative Japanese corporations.

As a Japanese company with technological skills and a large supplier network, our long-term mission is to introduce more interesting Japanese technologies to the European market, deliver value-added products, and help our clients to become more innovative, effective and competitive.

Supplied materials

Our product portfolio is steadily growing due to requirements and demands of our customers. However, we are unable to list all products we can supply since we operate within large network of more than 2,000 suppliers. Moreover, certain products and materials cannot be published due to our company's know-how or unfinished development. Below you can find a brief product list that defines the orientation of our company. For more details please go to the product section.

If you are looking for something that is not listed but related to our operations, please contact us.

  • Flat panel display manufacturing, car electronics
    • LGP (Light Guide Plate), Reflection film, Diffusion film, Brightness enhancement films
    • PCB (Printed circuit boards), FPC (Flexible printed circuits), FFC (Flexible flat cables)
    • LED bar (backlight), LED (Light-emitting diode)
    • Aluminium die casting, plastic injection molding
  • Semiconductor, thin layer, thick layer manufacuturing 
    • Screen printing, MLCC screen printing, LTCC screen printing, PCB screen printing
    • Screen mask, screen mesh, screen frames, photo mask, photosensitive emulsions
    • SMT metal masks, laser-cut stencils, electroformed stencils, electropolishing
    • Sputtering targets, high performance Ag-alloy, high performance Cu-alloy
  • Ultrasonic soldering systems by Kuroda Techno
    • Cerasolzer solder wire, Sunbonder USM-IV, Sunbonder USM-5
    • Sunbonder USM-28, Sunbonder SO-6, ultrasonic soldering irons
    • Automated ultrasonic soldering machines, machine design
  • Photovolataic products and components
    • Cerasolzer ribbon (photovoltaic wire coated with Cerasolzer)
    • Antireflective solar glass, aluminium solar frames, junction boxes
    • Solar amenity light with LED lamp
    • Solar array tester
  • Consumables for cleanroom related productions
    • Cleanroom sticky mats, cleanroom wipers
    • Cleanroom nitrile gloves, cleanroom latex gloves
    • Fragrance free esd-safe cleanroom lotion (prevents latex skin irritation)
  • Materials and products for various manufacturing
    • Super Nikko Rack PCB magazine, SMT inline PCB cleaner
    • ESD packaging, ESD consumables
    • Automatic tape dispencer ZCUT-9
    • Zirconium ceramic nozzles


KECZ would like to provide value-added products over simple buy&sale items, expanding the product portfolio with complementary services to meet our customers' needs. Our team always search for a better solution in order to increase customers’ effectiveness and give them advantage over competition, bearing in mind that the cost plays a very important role in their final decisions.

  • Supply chain management, global sourcing
  • Purchasing in China, Japan, Asia
  • Manufacturing in Asia, material converting in Poland
  • PCB design & EMS service
  • Fast link to Asian corporations
  • Parts localization, local supplier network
  • Special purpose machine design