Dual layer stencils

Double-layer stencil, multi-layered stencil, coated stencil, resin stencil
Dual layer stencils

Dual layer technology offers performance benefits over conventional stencils. Metal surface is coated with a special resin film to achieve a soft contact to the uneven surfaces of the substrates. Soft contact improves adhesion of solder paste to the substrate and reduces leakage of solder paste into the gaps between the stencil and the substrate.

Dual layer stencils provide very straight lines and enable easy flow of solder paste to the work piece. Final stencil can be adjusted in many aspects, such as stainless steel thickness, coating thickness, offset, opening etc. in order to perfectly fit your application requirements. Resin coating is mainly used for laser-cut stencils, resp. electropolished stencils???

Dual layer stencil print
Dual layer stencil print
Std stencil print
Standard stencil print


Stencil specification
Material stainless steel
Thickness 30µm ~ 200µm
Resin coating thickness 10/20/30µm (standard)
Size 50x50mm ~ 400x500mm
Offset 0 ~ 200µm


Resin specification
Material acrylic resin
Absorption 2.0 ~ 2.5 w/w%
Hardness 5H (damage), 2H (abrasion) - JIS S6006
Chemical resistance 5% - NaOH (@RT) soaked 30min
5% - HCl (@RT) soaked 60min.
Solvent resistance Acetone,MEK soaked with supersonic wave 10min.or more
MFG soaked with supersonic wave 30min.or more
IPA soaked with supersonic wave 30min.or more
Temperature resistance 170 to 180 °C