Electroplated stencils

Electroplating, nickel coating, stencil with smooth aperture walls
Electroplated stencils

Standard rough aperture wall structure of stainless steel laser-cut stencils and etched stencils can be enchanced by additional processing in order improve flow of the solder paste through the aperture during printing. One of the possible methods is a coating of whole mask with Nickel by electrodeposition.

Electro-plated stencils have smooth nickel aperture walls that enables fine pitch printing. Nickel on the mask surface enhances wear resistivity, lower blade friction and improves rolling action of the solder paste.

Material stainless steel + nickel
Thickness 80 µm ~ 1 mm
Minimum pattern 0.8 x thickness
Opening cross-section stencil_cross_plated
Properties - laser beam processing with plating
- high accuracy, smooth side walls
- low friction
- up to 0.3mm pitch (QFP)
Applications - high density layout printing, high accuracy printing