High aspect screen printing ize Technology

High aspect ratio screen printing, high aspect ratio printing, fine pattern with high aspect ratio
High aspect screen printing ize Technology

The standard solution to achieve fine tall deposits is to print multiple layers on top of each other. Screen printer must be capable of precisely and repeatedly overlaying extremely fine lines which can be very difficult. The resulting proportional relationship between the deposited thickness and its line width is described as an aspect ratio.

When achieving high aspect ratio with double or even triple printed layers, alignment accuracy rises as the most critical metric because the next print layer must be perfectly placed above the previous one. Increased quality requirements and multiple screen printing operations thus reduces manufacturing process efficiency and pushes up the production times and costs.

Low aspect ratio print (std. screen printing)
High aspect ratio print (ize Technology)

ize Technology represents a new approach to high aspect ratio screen printing of fine patterns at lower costs, along with much higher productivity. Our results show an excellent aspect ratio of 0.8 as well as significant accuracy of shape and design alignment.

High aspect ratio screen printing in single print

ize Technology uses innovated screen printing technique where screen mask and the substrate are in direct contact during the whole time of the print stroke. Squeegee is replaced with a pressurized catridge which slides over the print area and injects paste into the mask appertures without any paste bleeding. Due to the nature of this method, catridge can be filled with a high viscosity paste that can achieve much better shape of wet deposit, thus provide pattern of high aspect ratio in a single print.

Screen printing (squeegee)
Screen printing (ize Techology)

Standard screen printing requires small distance between the substrate and the screen mask. As the squeegee moves towards the rear of the screen, the tension of the mesh pulls the mesh up away from the substrate (called snap-off).

Direct contact printing requires very delicate method of mask detaching in order to not damage the wet deposit. ize Technology uses unique mask-detaching mechanism which allows to separate printed substrate and the mask without losing any shape or alingment of the printed pattern.

Squeegee screen printingScreen printing by ize Technology

Micro-circuit manufacturing is mainly done by photolitography, using photoresist materials, photomasks and etching. Manufacturing of micro patterns by photolitogrpahy is very precise technique but also quite expensive with low productivity comparing to traditional screen printing. However gap between screen printing and photolitography has been reduced by ize Technology.

Comparing to photolitography, ize Technology offers precise pattern printing at lower costs, along with much higher productivity. This is indeed a revolutionary break-through in massproduction of ultra-fine circuits which used to rely on photolitographic methods only.

Example printing: Ag paste, L=8µm


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