Laser cut stencils

Laser beam machining, laser cutting, high density stencils, straight lines, square corners
Laser cut stencils

The most common manufacturing technique in stencil technology. Laser cut stencils are produced using CAD/CAM data, so size and positioning are very accurate and modification is easy. Data is used to directly generate a CNC-file that drives the laser head. The laser cuts the perimeters of the apertures, resulting in tapered apertures. The wall structure is rougher than the other techniques due to the melting effect of the laser.

The stencil material is almost always stainless steel, and the grades used can be substantially more robust than for etching, where a fine grain is mandatory. However, since laser cutting is a serial process, with apertures formed one at a time, the price of a laser cut stencil is higher.

Rough wall structures caused by melting effect of the laser beam can be adjusted by polishing or electroplating to improve flow of the solder paste through the aperture during printing, resp. enhance the rolling action by the smooth metal mask surface

Material stainless steel
Thickness 50µm ~ 200µm
Minimum pattern 0.1µm ???
Opening cross-section stencil_cross_laser
Properties - quick production time
- laser beam processing (no chemicals)
- high accuracy, straight openings
Applications - high density printing, high accuracy printing