Light guide plate (LGP)

Backlight reflector film, highly reflective film, reflective film, reflection sheet
Light guide plate (LGP)

Base material for producing Light Guide Plate sis pure PMMA resin, which is used to create transparent panels via extrusion. A structure of dots (printed) or lines (scratched), or their combination, is applied on the bottom side of the PMMA panel. Function is to distribute light of source evenly along the upper side of the LGP. LGP is characterized as one of the most important components of a BLU, since its properties allow production of BLUs that will be slim, thus following the trends of the market. LGP is used in combination with LED light source (edge-lit BLUs).

Screen printed LGP

UV ink is green printed on the LGP’s surface in order to create the dot matrix.

Laser printed LGP

The matrix on the surface of the LGP is achieved via laser printing.

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