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Custom Machine Design, Manufacturing Automation, Ultrasonic Soldering Systems

HDD drives for iPod

Did you know that Kuroda Techno has designed and manufactured hard disk assembly machine that is used in production of hard disk drives for Apple iPod?

Mechatronics is an important part of Kuroda Group's legacy and its technological know-how. Kuroda Techno Co.,Ltd. was established in April 2000 as an affiliate company and a direct successor of our mechatronics division, resp. former company Kuroda Industrial Co.,Ltd. We have a highly skilled team of engineers with average of 20 years in the industry of machine design and fabrication. They distinguish themselves by solving customer's manufacturing challenges with truly innovative solutions backed by strong industry knowledge.

Since 1956, our engineers has been designing and manufacturing various electro-mechanical machines, starting with automatic hand dryers for Haneda Airport, medical X-ray devices, soldering pot systems, bullet velocity measuring devices, mounting JIGs, high-speed chip mounters and numerous sophisticated assembly systems. During last decade, we have proudly delivered the fully automated production lines for hard disk drive assembly and succesfully found an innovative usage of ultrasonic soldering on glass substrates in area of electrode bonding to thin film pv panels.

Automated assembly lines, conveyors, manipulators, testing equipment

HDD Assembly MachineAutomated assembly equipment reduces manpower, speeds up throughput, and significantly improves quality of product. Our engineering team has gained its reputation among Japanese industrial clients by providing excellent automation services in field of designing and building of sophisticated manufacturing machines focused on precise assembly of various components.

Latest activities has included tight contact with hard disk manufacturers, enabled us to develop specific solutions for hdd manufacturing processes. Among various high-speed conveyors, manipulators, screw fastening tools and special JIGs, our team has designed and manufactured fully automated assembly lines for 3.5", 2.5" and 1.8" hdd drives. Manufacturing machines are supported by custom made inspection equipment such as leak tester or hdd head inspection machine.

Kuroda Techno's gained experiences in hard disk assembly processes can be applied to numerous manufacturing and automated inspection equipment for a variety of industries.

Ultrasonic soldering machines, electrode soldering, dipping systems

Thin film electrode bonding machineIn 1980, ultrasonic soldering know-how was transferred from Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. under direct ownership of Kuroda Electric Group. Since then, our engineers have been developing new soldering equipment for usage of Cerasolzer® alloy, searching for possible fields of application for this unique technology that enabled flux free soldering of glass, ceramics, metal oxides, precious metals and many other materials previously considered as difficult to solder or not solderable.

Firstly developed soldering pots enabled customers to coat their products with Cerasolzer® alloy, successfully followed by research of hand operated soldering irons, for example model Sunbonder® USM-IV or model Sunbonder® USM-28. More sophisticated machines were developed including design and manufacturing of automated soldering machines dedicated to production lines for various bonding operations.

Overall growth of photovoltaic industry increased research and development in area of thin film solar panels. In Japan, ultrasonic soldering technology has been identified as the one of the pioneering bonding technologies for required reliable connection between glass substrates and ribbon electrodes. Kuroda Techno Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured already three generations of electrode bonding machines for thin film applications and helped to its customers to conquer the highest positions in solar panel industry. Latest development includes photovoltaic ribbon coated with Cerasolzer®, product that enables us to improve bonding quality and reduce production time.

We fully understand the advantage that can be achieved with custom automated equipment. Kuroda Techno is careful to respect each customer's need for confidentiality therefore we are not able to publish detailed information about delivered solutions.