Material converting in Poland

Custom Converting, Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Laminating, Sheeting, Material Sourcing

Converting in Czech

Did you know that Kuroda Electric was converting reflection film for LCD module manufacturer IPS Alpha Technology Europe in Czech Republic?

In March 2010, Kuroda Electric Czech joined forces with Kimoto Poland and relocated various machinery for converting to Lysomice (PL) in order to increase support of our customers in Crystal Park industrial zone. We are able to offer custom converting and material sourcing not only for customers in Poland.

Strategic partnership with Kimoto enables us to process materials in cleanroom (1070 sqm) or standard (640 sqm) environment, targeting products on LCD and consumer electronics industry. We are able to provide JIT manufacturing with on-time delivery, products with excellent cost-effective ratio, supported by friendly customer service. Raw material for converting can be supplied by client to provide converting service only, eventually can be outsourced to Kuroda Electric.

Converting capabilities

Primarily converted materials are optical films, reflection film and diffusion film, for flat panel display manufacturers. Highly trained operators of Kimoto have superior experience in inspection process, especially for diffusion films where 100% visual inspection must be executed. Complementary products are various gaskets, adhesive tapes, cushioning tapes, insulation sheets, heat release sheets, foams, non-wovens, double-sided adhesive products etc.

  • Roll slitting - also known as log slitting, is an operation of cutting a large roll of material into narrower rolls. This operation is done in cooperation with our external partner.

  • Die cutting - process of cutting materials in a shape or design by the use of sharp steel ruled stamps. The material being cut is placed on a flat surface with a supportive backing, and the die is pressed onto the material to cut it.

  • Kiss cutting - form of die cutting where a very light impression delivers precision cuts through a top layer of material (the product) without cutting the bottom release liner (backing material). Kiss cutting enables easy removal of your parts from the release liner.

  • Laminating - joining process of two or more layers of materials using pressure-sensitive (heat-sensitive) adhesive products. The process involves compression of the layers, usually through a set of rollers with controlled pressure and speed, eventually heat.

  • Precision sheeting - form of die cutting where the material is being cut, converted from roll-based material (jumbo roll) into sheets of any conceivable square or rectangle based shape and size.

  • Bending - this operation represents only a small factor in the converting process, however its contribution to the final product might be very important. Bending can be applied as a final process, combined with the visual inspection.

  • Inspection - an important part of the converting process, handled by skilled personnel. Due to our work with diffusion films, we have experience with 100% visual inspection based on customer's requirements.

  • Material sourcing - desired material(s) can be supplied by client, utilizing converting service only, or outsourced to Kuroda Electric. We can find the most appropriate material to suit your cost and quality needs through our global sourcing service.

Machinery specifications

Production machinery available in Kimoto Poland is enlisted below. For detailed information about converting capabilities, machinery or available free capacity, please contact Kuroda Poland.

  • AKEBONO press machine (2 x)
    • high capacity precision flat-bed die cutting, cutting force kN?? (tonnage?)
    • converting jumbo rolls into custom shaped sheets
    • maximal products size ? mm x ? mm (65")??
    • total production capacity 2x ?? k per month??
  • 2D measurement machine ?
    • -
    • -
  • MANAS Laminating machine MLM-600
    • pressure lamination procedure with tension controller
    • max laminate width 600 mm, laminate unit 2 rubber rollers (ø 150 mm)
    • 2x unwinder unit (ø 50 mm), rewinder unit (ø 50 mm), 2x scrap winders
  • MANAS Die cut machine KC 60T
    • flat bed cutting machine, base table 750x1200 mm, max. cutting pressure 60 tons
    • cutting stroke 20-120 mm, daylight 60-200 mm
    • effective cutting area 750 mm x 1100 mm
  • MANAS Super cutter SPC-1200
    • effective cutting width 1200 mm, max. feed 600 mm
    • cutting stroke 50 mm, cutting force 40 kN, max. speed 150 spm
  • MANAS Super cutter SPC-600T
    • effective cutting width 600 mm, max. feed 600 mm, automatic table feeding
    • cutting stroke 50 mm, cutting force 30 kN, max. speed 220 spm