Metal masks for solder paste printing

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Metal masks for solder paste printing

Stencil printing of solder paste is the essential process in the SMT assembly of electronics. Solder paste is pressed through the stencil mask and deposited on PCB where serves primarily as the attachement medium between the components and connection pads.

Metal stencils must overcome many issues related to component integration and downsizing because their contribution to SMT production is crucial, having major influence on product quality. Stencils are manufactured using various types of materials and manufacturing processes, ranging from chemically-etched steel, to laser-cut and electroformed products. Each type of stencil offers different opportunities to facilitate the particular needs of each customer's requirements. Additionally, roughness of metal stencils can be reduced by electroplating or electropolishing.

Accepted input data: Gerber, DXF, DWG etc.

Metal masks