Metal squeegees for solder paste printing

Stencil blades, flexible mounting, enhanced rolling action, lower friction, improved printing
Metal squeegees for solder paste printing

Metal squeegees prevent the blade from bending into a solder pad opening because the squeegee is supported on both sides of the pad. Our newly developed squeegees provide more consistent width, height and edge definition, and therefore more consistent solder paste volume deposit. New enhanced squeegee design improves solder paste rolling action and lowers friction between blade and stencil.

Metal squeegees can also operate at lower pressures than hard rubber squeegees. Lower pressure reduces bleeding where solder is forced out at the bottom of the aperture. Moreover, metal blades are more durable than rubber blades, which makes them suitable for high volume manufacturing.


We offer 2 basic types squeegees, they are easy to set up. Blades are removable from the holders thus can be easily exchanged for new ones.

a. Squeegee with wave pattern ?

b. Squeegee with flat pattern ?