SMT in line PCB cleaner Magic Cleaner 3D

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SMT in line PCB cleaner Magic Cleaner 3D

The quality of SMT process is determined by screen printing. Continuous down sizing of components and their increasing density brought new challenges to SMT productions. Small dust particles, which were not a problem in the past, are now a source of production defects. The PCB in line cleaner is the key to quality control as you provide clean bare PCB boards to the screen printer.

Magic Cleaner 3D is a powerful SMT inline cleaning machine that thoroughly removes dust and particles from PCB surface before solder application by utilizing a combination of a brush, high-pressure air knife and vacuum removal. Unlike adhesive roller type cleaner, the Magic Cleaner 3D requires minimum supervision and the brush needs to be replaced approximately once a year.

Magic Cleaner 3D features

Inline SMT cleaner that quickly and efficiently removes dust and particles from PCB surface before solder application. Customers successfully reduce defects with high removal rate of our product.

  • high quality inline PCB cleaner
  • combines brush, high-pressure air knife and vacuum removal
  • top side brush only (standard), two-sided brush type (optional)
  • easy height adjustment of the brush
  • anti-static esd safe cleaner
  • maintenance free, low running cost
  • lifespan of brush is approx. 500,000 boards
  • easy to replace brushes
  • nix-magic-cleaner-brush

Magic Cleaner 3D specifications

PCB width 50 - 250 mm / 50 - 460 mm
PCB length 50 - 330 mm / 50 - 535 mm
PCB thickness 0.5 - 2.0 mm
PCB weight up to 500 g (1000 g)
Margin min. 3 mm from PCB edge
Components top none allowed
Components bottom max. 25 mm
Allowed PCB warpage < 1 mm
Transport direction stanrad: from L to R
Reference position front side fixed rail
Conveyor height 930 ± 20 mm
Conveyor width adjustement manual
Conveyor type flat belt
Conveyor speed 7 m/min
Conveyor length 370 mm (standard)
Size of the antistatic brush 20 mm (dia) x 310 mm (L) / 20 mm x 520 mm
Brush rotation speed
1200 rpm
Brush height manual with indicator
Options Ionisator
Control PLC control
Dimensions 850(L) x 350(W) x 1172(H) mm
Weight 90 kg

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