PCB design, PCB assembly, EMS

PCB design, PCB layout, EMC/SI, EMI/SI, PCB fabrication, Prototyping, PCB mounting, EMS

Over 28,500 designs

Sohwa Corporation has already delivered more than 28,500 successful PCB designs to the leaders of Japanese consumer electronics industry.

Kuroda Electric Czech can link you up with leading Japanese PCB layout designer - SOHWA CORPORATION. Since 2008, our mother company Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd is a major shareholder of SOHWA, acquiring PCB design supplier as a part of group's global network.

Sohwa has experience of more than 25 years in industry, a highly skilled PCB design team of electrical engineers can handle your toughest designs. Sohwa's engineers specialize in using software tools by Zuken, Cadence, Menthor Graphics, Fujitsu and NEC, providing superior Printed Circuit Board design solutions originating in technical know-how, infrastructure, and smart organization management that has been cultivated over years. PCB desing team can offer excellent skills in EMI/SI & EMC/SI design and simulations, able to quickly discover any potential problem that may be not visible but already has been experienced and recorded to Sohwa's internal knowledge database. Engineering team can even propose cost saving revisions for your current PCB design, improving your overall concept in order to achieve less layers, less VIAs, higher density etc. Sohwa has already delivered over 28,500 successful designs to the leaders of Japanese consumer electronics industry, gaining its reputation by great-knowledge and hard-work in PCB design service.

Sohwa design flow chart

A part of this, Sohwa can offer customized development of hardware on short notice, entrusted software development, CAD services, electromagnetic field simulations, PCB mounting & EMS services, measurements of antenna radiation patterns, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radar cross section in anechoic chamber.

PCB design, PCB layout, Custom development by SOHWA

SOHWA is able to support you right from your very first ideas up to fast prototype delivery. Core services such as development or PCB design are kept in-house, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly are supplied by reliable external partner referenced with successful long-term cooperation. SOHWA provides total solution you need to deliver your product to market ahead of the competition.

  • Development
    • hardware design, circuit desing
    • firmware design, software design (C, RTOS, C++)
    • FPGA logical design (Verilog HDL, VHDL)
  • Floor plan & PCB layout design
    • high-density PCB desing, rich experience with multilayer boards (up to 32 layers)
    • EMI/SI & EMC/SI compliant design, sense of cost/effective production design
    • detailed pre-simulations / post-simulations (crosstalk, delay timing, reflections etc.)
    • avoiding problems by utilizing data from internal knowledge database
    • strong experience in EMC, simulation & analysis vs. measurement
  • PCB fabrication, PCB mounting, PCB assembly
    • single-side, double-side, multilayer, quick delivery, low cost, good quality
    • high density, up to 32 layers, IVH multi-layer, Build-up PCB
    • flexible manufacture network, automated mounting, manual production 
  • GHz electromagnetic fields simulation
    • design simulations, measurement, design change proposals
    • Smith chart, S paramater, Eye pattern, Antenna emission pattern etc.

Local EMS partners, PCB assembly in Czech

Czech EMS suppliers have been hardly working for many years to become high-quality solution providers, investing in new technologies and production processes in order to get ahead of worldwide competition. Kuroda Electric Czech can recommend reliable EMS partners from Czech Republic for your project, referenced by successful cooperation with Japanese leaders of electronics industry.

  • Brief list of partners' available EMS services
    • fast turnaround production, small-scale production, prototyping, mass production
    • latest SMT placement production lines, on-line production control
    • continuous inspection of solder paste temperature and reflow profile
    • lead-free soldering waves, THT, Hybrid Assembly, Turnkey Assembly, BGA rework
    • full AOI, X-ray analysis, traceability of each PCB, drop of component analysis
    • development of jigs & fixtures, selective machine painting
    • ......and many more

Sourcing bare PCB boards from China along with local PCB assembly became logical choice. Locally provided PCB assembly (EMS) overcome issues related to long distances from Asia such as product lead time, quick repairs or problems with ocean transportation of electronics.

Kuroda's cost-effective printed circuit boards made in China with local EMS service provides a great opportunity to achieve strict requirements in cost and quality of PCB based products.