Screen printing photo-emulsions

Photosensitive emulsions, screen printing emulsion, solvent resistant emulsion
Screen printing photo-emulsions

Screen printing emulsion is a paste type substance used in the mask production process to form a stencil on the screen mesh. It is one of the most important parts defining quality of the final screen printing process. Emulsion is very finely coated on the stretched mesh and dried to form a photographic type of film which is sensitive to UV light.

In order to turn this photosensitive layer into a stencil, emulsion is covered by positive photomask of required design pattern and exposed. The lit area is hardened by the light while the shaded area remains unchanged. Once the screen is properly exposed, screen is washed in order to wash out the unlit emulsion. Hardened emulsion stays on the screen mesh to form a negative stencil which is used to transfer required pattern during the screen printing process.

We have own internal designated chemical laboraty to develep and produce photosensitive emulsions for our screen masks and are able to design and produce custom made photo-emulsions for you individual applications. To ensure high quality of the final printed patterns, we prefer to supply emulsions on the semi finished screens for your own pattern development.

Screen emulsions specifications

Screen emulsion is an essential part of the screen masks and has high impact on screen printing quality. We supply several type of emulsions which proved to perform with outstanding results, each with different properties and target application area. Each emulsion can be additionaly treated for better detaching from the printed substrate - SFG (gloss) or SFM (matt).


Characteristics Applications
NU-300 High definition, high accuracy Fine pattern printing, micro patterns
TKC-01 Abrasion resistant Massproduction printing
NU-55 Solvent resistant Solvent applications
NU-200 Storage stability, soft material Offset printing plates (PS plates)
NU-30 Thick layer support General printing
KD-2 NMP support Flexible printed circuit boards (FPC)

New emulsion ST-210 with the hydrophobic effect

mono-solar-cellThe ST-210 is a water-repelling and oil-repelling photosensitive emulsion designed primarily for the cost effective printing of front side solar cells fingers. It's increased contact angle with liquids provides significant hydrophobic effect, improving mask cleanliness, paste transitivity and endurance to solvents. Emulsion is manufactured without additional hydrophobic coating, its repelling features are based on its unique chemical composition.

We have been able to reach 20.000 shots lifetime with our customers in solar cells business in Japan, providing the best possible results with DuPont™ Solamet® PV17F photovoltaic metallization front side paste. The new ST-210 proved to be a best matching emulsion, requiring no cleaning, providing cost-effective solution not only to solar cells manufacturers.

  • water and oil repelling emulsion, high endurance to solvents
  • improved paste transitivity, reduced cleaning intervals
  • printing speed up to 300mm/sec, lifetime up to 20.000 shots
  • best matching emulsion for DuPont™ Solamet® PV17F
  • cost-effective product for solar cells manufacturers
Print results after 10 shots (Ag + green sheet)

Ultra fine pattern printing requires constant development of high accuracy emulsions and innovative production equipment such as high aspect ratio printing technology.