Purchasing in Asia

Global Sourcing, Supplier Selection, Production Control, Shipping Arrangements

Asian production quality has been improving over the years and nowadays attracts many sourcing departments. Fast growing markets, such as China or India, offer significant cost savings to your procurement activities, however direct purchasing from unverified Asian suppliers is not without risk. Moreover the cultural difference between the customer and the supplier with strong language barrier and different business culture can become an important issue to your flawless supply chain management.

Kuroda Electric offers you an advantage of reliable business partner with connection to 2,000+ verified Asian vendors. We aim to be an effective link between Europe and Asia, bridging various cultures and geographical locations. We help you to create professional environment for goods, services and information flow.

Global Sourcing Services

Kuroda Electric operates mainly in Southeast Asia, our offices are present in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Korea. Due to our personal presence in area, we are able to handle all stages of your purchasing process in Asia including supplier selection, production control, quality control and complete logistic service.

For various products, Kuroda Electric already invested into manufacturing sites and we can offer you direct manufacturing in Asia under our full production control in our subsidiaries. For other products, we act as a purchasing partner with knowledge of local market which represents symbiotic link in the chain between the customer and the supplier.

RFQ for Asian parts can be handled as a request with already fixed vendor (unique product, patents, references, etc.) or you can enable us to search for an adequate supplier reflecting your product specifications and target prices. Our internal database already exceeded number of 2,000 verified partners-suppliers and our dedicated procurement department (IPO) gathers best choice components across all region of Asia everyday.

New projects aside our standard supplier network require search for new partners and their overall verification and evaluation. Such an activity includes many operations that cannot be handled without local presence in target market so the process is done with effective cooperation of our local offices. Reported data are presented to customer, resulting in discussion about best choice components.

RFQ process passes through many steps before final product can be manufactured. We will help you to successfully handle all stages of purchasing process as described below:   

  • Initial analysis - specifications, dimensions, materials, target prices, production plan, transportation, supply chain, etc.

  • Supplier selection - identification of suitable source, RFQ based on specifications, initial quote and lead time, samples confirmation, etc.

  • Project implementation - samples approval, term and conditions, quality control, pricing & lead time, audit of selected supplier with the customer, purchasing contract, purchase order, etc.

  • Project management - communication link between the customer and the supplier, production control, outgoing inspection, capacity monitoring, supply chain management, logistics, deliveries, technical support, claims, purchasing planning, etc.

Many of interesting Asian vendors are small or medium size companies with limited export capabilities. In order to fully satisfy European clients in terms of service, professionalism, credibility, payment conditions, communication or supply chain management, Asian vendors often collaborate with a global trading companies like Kuroda Electric.

What we offer is a service of strong purchasing partner for all your requests in the Asian markets. Procurement experience and local know-how make the difference and give our clients the advantage of having safe access to large network of verified Asian vendors.

Example of products purchased in Asia