Screen printing technology

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Screen printing technology

Screen printing technology is widely used in electronics industry due to its ability to produce precise thin and thick layers from various paste-like materials including conductive, resistive, dieletric or organic layers. Newly developed paste materials can be applied by a simple screen printing processes to create more electronic functions on the substrates, not only conductors but also dielectrics, capacitors, resistors, coils, antennas, diodes, transistors, electroluminescence devices, bio sensors and more as the embedded components in the multilayer circuits. The screen printing method is a new electronic manufacturing process, for it offers a possibility to achieve results which couldn’t be achieved by alternative methods, such as wet chemical or photolithographic technology.

We supply fine screen printing products including screen masks, photo masks, metal stencil masks or mesh products coated with photosensitive emulsion. All materials are manufactured in state of the art clean room facilities operated in Japan with aim to provide high-quality products for critical fine screen printing work. Our Japanese supplier can develop, manufacture and test customized solutions within the research, manufacturing and screen printing service facilities.

Kuroda Electric is an authorized distributor of the Japanese industrial leader of the screen printing industry, fine screen printing supplier Nakanuma Art Screen Co., Ltd..

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