Screen printing frames

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Screen printing frames

Screen printing frames are very important parts of the screen masking material, greatly affecting the performance of screen masks and the screen printing process itself. High quality fine printing requires frame materials with specific cross section, resp. specific strength that do not affect the dimensional accuracy and provide stable mesh support.

The frame material depends on application but major industrial consumers purchase either a die cast aluminium frames or extruded aluminium profile frames. Screen mesh specification has to correspond with frame material, in order to avoid deformations beyond the elastic region, moreover when tensioning the mesh on screen frame, an elastic elongation reserve should be taken into account for the later printing process.

Large screen printing mask
Large screen printing mask

We supply fully customized screen printing frames from Japanase manufacturer, ranging from small sized applications up to large mass production manufacturing projects. Japanese market is more competitive in terms of high-tech screen suppliers and we are able to deliver excellent quality products for a very competitive pricing, worldwide.

Diecast aluminium screen frames

diecast_screen_framePrecision die casting aluminum frames are the most common materials for screen printing products. Special adhesive process enables to mount the frame with mesh any number of times without loss of quality. High strength of material, long lifespan. Excellent dimensional accuracy, low distortion and stable support for the fine pattern printing.

Heavy product, ineffective for transportation. Manufacturing cost is very high, suitable only for small area printing. Used only for special cases.

Extruded aluminium screen frames (pipe frame)

extruded_screen_frameVery effective version of screen printing frame, widely used in the Japanese market. Cheap product comparing to the diecast frame, very low-weight frame construction for effective logistics, yet very strong. Our new generation of pipe frame meets the high quality standards for fine pattern printing.

Despite the profile extrusion, lower durability and shorter lifetime comparing to the diecast frame, pipe frame became our most popular frame amongst the majority of our customers.

Screen frames returnable system

Returnable system is highly effective in terms of customer's cost control and undeniable environmental sustainability. Both types of screen frames can be reused repeatedly without losing its quality. All frames are chemically treated to remove the adhesive residue, cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaning system and inspected before entering the mask manufacturing process.

If customer places a purchase order for screen mask products without new frames, we require to receive empty frames before starting mask production.

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