Solar amenity light by Sharp

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Solar amenity light by Sharp

Solar Amenity Light is Sharp's new concept of solar-powered light that produces zero carbon emissions, reduces the impact on the environment and cuts electricity bills. Solar-powered light concept combines Sharp’s proprietary solar photovoltaic modules and high-intensity, long-life white LED lamp. Concept works by storing electricity generated by light during the day in storage batteries to provide illumination at night.

Solar Amenity Lights can be installed even in the most remote locations as they do not require connection to the main power grid. The 12 volt, deep-cycle, sealed lead battery retains enough power to operate the LED lighting between 5 to 7 days without exposure to daylight.

Benefits of solar powered LED lights

Solar Amenity Lights have numerous advantages over conventional lighting, providing significant benefits as far as environment, performance and maintenance are concerned. The initial outlay for Solar Amenity Lights is more expensive comparing to mains-powered alternatives; however, installation, maintenance and running cost of Solar Amenity Lights are just a fraction of conventional lighting costs.

Environmental advantages:

  • uses 100% renewable solar energy
  • less light pollution
  • no cabling or trenching protects nature
  • LED head does not contain hazardous substances

Performance advantages:

  • low power consumption
  • superior LED technology offers high levels of brightness
  • high efficiency LEDs can last up to 40,000 hrs (10 years)
  • minimal light deterioration through LED lamp lifetime
  • no warm up time, instant switch on/off
  • bright, surface-emitting lighting
  • Works from -15 °C to +40 °C

Practical advantages:

  • zero utility charges
  • no grid connection required
  • minimal maintenance required
  • installation costs reduced
  • easy to install, no cabling or trenching
  • ability to light previously difficult unlit areas
  • contemporary design
  • minimal insects attraction, no elements emitting UV light


More information can be found on homepage of Solar Amenity LED Light project.



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