Stamping dies, automotive tooling from China

Stamping tools, China stamping tool, automotive stamping dies, China stamping die
Stamping dies, automotive tooling from China

Kuroda Electric Group acquired major share in Chinese stamping die maker Rainbow Metal technologies Co., Ltd (RMT) in Guangdong Province to follow ongoing global demand of sourcing high precision automotive stamping tools in China. RMT has more than 15 years experience in stamping die industry and employs over 500 workers. Overall factory area is 36,000 square meters with total invested capital of 100 million CNY.

Factory is certified to international quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949) and puts a strong emphasis on management system, quality control and customer satisfaction. Our strong engineering team (40 designers) is always looking for ways to create innovate stamping die solutions. We work with latest CAD/3D software for stamping die design: CATIA, VISI, Pro-E, Solidworks, CAD.

Production facility is well equipped with large variety of press machines and various machinery (see list of factory equipment). We can offer progressive dies, transfer dies, metal stamping production of small to big parts, CNC machining, welding and assembly.

Stamping dies represent a huge investment in time and money for our customers and we understand their need to shorten lead-times and reduce production costs. We can supply tools within 5-12 weeks with 30-50% cost reduction comparing to European makers while maintaining agreed quality levels.

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