Sunbonder USM-560 ultrasonic soldering iron

Ultrasonic soldering iron, ultrasonic power 12W/60kHz, tip dia 1.0 to 4.0 mm
Sunbonder USM-560 ultrasonic soldering iron

Portable ultrasonic soldering system for small area applications. Device looks and operates like a conventional soldering iron, except that it also includes an ultrasonic transducer activated by a foot switch. Ultrasonic generator includes automatic tuning function using phase-locked loop that automatically locks the generator to the resonant frequency of the transducer even under varying conditions of temperature and load.

Sunbonder soldering system is designed to work with our active solder alloy Cerasolzer which enables flux-free soldering on glass, ceramics, aluminium, stainless steel and other hard-to-solder materials. Application field is very wide, for example soldering contacts on superconductors, electrode forming on glass substrates, ribbon soldering on metallized solar glass, fixture bonding to glass elements etc.

Sunbonder technical specifications

Ultrasonic soldering iron USM-560 is delivered with soldering iron tip Ø 4.0 mm, cut angle 30°, resp. 60° to the axis (taper tip). Custom cut angle and sizing are available upon request, rectangular shaped tips are an option. Soldering iron tips are interchangeable, you can order additional sizes when necessary and exchange it easily at your site. Wrench set is supplied within the Sunbonder delivery.

Frequency 60 kHz ± 5 kHz (auto tuning to the transducer's resonant frequency)
Output Power (ultrasonic) 1 - 12 W (adjustable in 1W increments)
Temperature range 200°C - 500°C (adjustable in 10 °C increments)
Display (variables) Frequency, temperature, ultrasonic power and amplitude
Data interface Analog (optionable Ethernet for control via PLC)
Power supply AC 100V/240V, 50 - 60Hz, 150 VA
Dimensions 210 (W) x 90 (H) x 235 (D) mm
Weight 5.0 kilograms
Foot switch cable length 2.0 m
Soldering iron
Transducer PZT Langevin type (60 kHz)
Tip material Stainless steel
Tip size 4.0 mm standard (1.0 - 3.5 mm on request)
Heater High performance sheath heater 65 W
Dimensions Ø 36 mm x 250 mm
Cable length
1.0 m
Weight 210 grams (including cable)

Sunbonder remote monitoring and control

Ultrasonic soldering unit can be operated remotely via analog interface. Standard analog functions include analog monitoring of power, monitoring of temperature and oscillation control. Analog monitoring functions can be optionally extended to full analog control on request.

For machine integration we supply ultrasonic soldering unit with an integrated data interface. Unit can be operated from remote hosts via PLC over Ethernet (LAN port). Machine version is a high-performance ultrasonic soldering controller for 24/7 operations. Basic delivery includes controller and Aluminium housing with the fan cooling unit for the PZT transducer.

Machine version can be supplied with an additional positioning unit including x-y-z drive. In case you want to incorporate our ultrasonic soldering unit in your project of ultrasonic soldering machine, please consult your requirements in advance.



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