Ultra fine pattern screen printing technology

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Ultra fine pattern screen printing technology

Screen printing has been the dominant method of thick film deposition because of its cost and well known technological process. With a growing need for low-cost micro circuit manufacturing with high level of component integration and ongoing search for a cheaper alternatives to photolitography, screen printing has been refined to yield high resolution ultra fine pattern printing.

Fine line printing is still considered by customers to be very difficult to achieve high production yields with stable throughput. Screen printing quality and its resolution relate to many group factors including screen, mesh, emulsion, print paste, squeegee, machine settings, process setup etc.

We have been working very closely with Japanese machine manufacturers for last decade to identify proper conditions and develop new precision tools for mass production fine printing. Due to their significant contribution, fine screen printing technology has already entered the mass production process in Japan with fine patterns attacking L/S = 20/20 µm.

New emulsion for ultra fine patterns L/S = 6/6 µm

We have been conducting research on high resolution emulsions suitable for ultra fine patterns below the current limits of L/S = 10/10 µm. Reserach and development team has improved our manufacturing process and precision chemistry for preparing very delicate screen emulsion.

With help of our silver paste maker, we have been able to successfuly perform Ag paste screen printing of very fine pattern L/S = 6/6 µm. Such result is still only a laboratory experiment but we continue in development in order to help our clients to turn this technology into mass production stage.

L/S=6/6um fine pattern photoemulsion
Emulsion L/S = 6/6 µm
L/S=6/6um silver pattern
Ag pattern L/S = 6/6 µm

Silicon wafer screen printing

Manufacturing of micro patterns by photolitography is very precise technique but also quite expensive with low productivity comparing to traditional screen printing. Constant pressure on effectiveness of semiconductor manufacturing and new efforts of Japanese manufacturers in reducing not necessary photolitogrpahic steps in their production process gave us an opportunity to closely collaborate in experimental silicon wafer screen printing.

Screen printed silicon wafers (demo)

We are still searching for limits of our technology and we'd like to discover more high-tech applications for ultra fine screen printing. Currently we have been trying to print the silver paste test patterns and the photoresist paste on wafers with promising results. We are currently working with few customers to deliver new products for semiconductor manufacturing and silicon wafer processing and we would be very happy to receive your inquiry for cooperation. Please contact us to discuss more details.


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