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Introduction to Kuroda Electric

Kuroda group logoKuroda Electric Czech, s.r.o. is a Japanese trading company, located in Prague, the Czech Republic. Our office was established in 2006 as a first European branch of Japanese corporation Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd.

Czech sales office is a part of the company's global network, including not only trading offices but also R&D, manufacturing and processing sites, as well specialized subsidiaries, situated mainly in Asia.

Kuroda Electric Group activities

Kuroda Electric Group is engaged in supplying direct materials for consumer electronics industry, automotive industry and also for rapidly growing photovoltaic industry.


Focused Area

Kuroda Electric Group is generally focused on processing, sales and export of below items;

  • optical materials
  • electrical materials
  • general electronic parts
  • semiconductors
  • equipment and various devices.


Parts delivered by Kuroda Electric can be found in;

  • LCD & PDP televisions
  • mobile phones
  • cameras
  • car electronics
  • GPS navigation systems
  • photovoltaic modules

and in many other products that are part of everyday life.

Kuroda's dedicated procurement department IPO gathers best choice components from various referenced vendors across all regions of Asia, maximizing the power of its global network that handles a sophisticated flow of not only parts and products but also state-of-the-art technology and precious information.

Processed at subsidiaries or directly delivered to our logistic centers for VMI and JIT services, our international supply chain bridges various cultures and geographical locations.


Group companies

Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd. has always acted as an investor, seeking opportunities to valorize its assets through investing into newly developed technologies or ready-to-buy companies that could fit in Kuroda's product portfolio and bring significant advantage to its customers.


For more information about Kuroda Electric global network, see Global network or please refer to https://www.kuroda-group.com/hd/en/