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Ultrasonic soldering technology

Flux free, Eco-Friendly Soldering

Ultrasonic soldering is a flux free method which is considered more eco-friendly comparing to conventional soldering methods.


Clean, Cost Saving

Ultrasonic soldering allows for joining dissimilar materials and can be used for materials that are difficult to solder with conventional methods. Because it requires no flux, users save time and costs of cleaning flux residues llows for joining dissimilar materials and can be used for materials that are difficult to while reducing corrosion and increasing the durability of soldered joints.


For Both Manual and Mass Production

Ultrasonic soldering method can be easily adopted to manual soldering with a handheld ultrasonic soldering iron or even mass production ultrasonic soldering machine.


Soldering on glass, ceramics, stainless steel, aluminium

CERASOLZER - special solder alloy - is specially formulated to work with ultrasonic soldering method and has very unique bonding abilities that can replace commonly used silver baking, indium soldering, molybdenum-manganese and resin bonding methods.


Unsolderable to Solderable

soldering on glass

CERASOLZER creates strong chemical bond with soldered substrate. In addition to the standard solder alloys (Pb/Sn),  it includes small amount of elements such as Zn, Ti, Si, Al, Be and Rare Earth, which have a very strong chemical affinity with oxygen.

During the bonding process, these additional elements combine with ambient oxygen to form an oxide which is chemically bound to various materials including glass, ceramics, aluminium, stainless steel, conductive oxides and many other substrates previously considered as unsolderable.


Possible fields of applications;

  • Electrode bonding to front/back contacts of solar cells (crystalline, thin-film)
  • Leads (outlets) bonding on metallized glass, LCD glass, crystal oscillators, hybrid IC
  • Soldering of contacts on heated rear window in car
  • Coating/metallizing of optical glasses
  • Optical glass fibre sealing (ferrule bonding)
  • Glass tubes vacuum sealing, metal fittings bonding
  • Hermetic airtight sealing for electronics parts and packages
  • Glass jewelry manufacturing
  • Electrode forming on glass and ceramic plates
  • Soldering on superconductors, ferrite components, ceramic parts
  • ... and many more



CERASOLZER list of solderable materials

Glass, Ceramics, Precious Stoneskuroda techno cerasolzer
Alumina, Beryllia, Bicole, Borosilicate glass, Ceramics, Ceran, Dielectric materials, Enamel, Fiber Optic Glass, Forsterite, Lead glass, Liquid crystal glass, Magnesia, Magnetic materials, Metallised glass, Mica, Mullite, Optical glass, Pyrex, Quartz glass, Resistant materials, Sapphire, Silica, Silica glass, Soda Lime glass, Thermal conductive materials, Titania, Ultrahard materials, Vycor, Zirconia...

Metals, Metal Oxides
Aluminium (Al), Aluminium alloys, Beryllium (Be), Conductive glass, Conductive paste, Copper (Cu), Copper alloys, Enamelled metals, Germanium (Ge), Gold (Au), Chromium (Cr), Inconel, Kovar, Lead (Pb), Magnesium (Mg), Metal oxides, Molybdenum (Mo), Nickel (Ni), Nickel alloys, Nichrome, Niobium (Nb), Ruthenium (Ru), Semi-conductive materials, Silicon (Si), Silver (Ag), Sintered Metals, Stainless Steel, Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Titanium (Ti), Titanium alloys, Transparent conductive oxides ZnO, ITO, FTO, TO, ATO, GZO, GIT; Tungsten (W), Wolfram, Zinc (Zn), Zirconium...


Rent & Test

You can rent and test the Ultrasonic Soldering machine and CERASOLZER for up to 4 weeks, available at Kuroda Electric Czech.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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